Important information concerning your electric fence

Residential Electric fences are governed by law as stipulated in the SANS 10222-3-2023 document.

What you need to know:

  • All users (owners/tenants/body corporates) must have a COC certificate for the electric fence.
  • Failure to obtain a COC certificate is a criminal offence
  • The COC certificate is valid indefinitely, but if the property change ownership, a COC certificate must be presented, not older than two years.
  • If major changes are done to the fence or energizer, a new COC certificate must be issued.
  • Installation of electric fences must comply with safety and installation regulations as stipulated in the SANS document. If it does not, your fence is illegal, and the user make him/herself liable to prosecution.
  • If someone sustains an injury from a non-compliant electric fence (even a burglar), the owner may face criminal prosecution.
  • An overview visual inspection of the fence must be done every month (Annex H1.3 of SANS)
  • A detailed inspection must be done every 3 months (Annex H 1.4 of SANS)
  • It is the responsibility of the user to make sure that the fence is properly maintained, inspections are done, and the fence complies with the regulations.
  • Inspections and maintenance can be done by the user, but it is highly recommended that the maintenance and 3-month in-depth inspection is done by a qualified and registered electric fence company.
  • It is also recommended that a record is kept of the maintenance and inspections. (Blanc record attached)

We can assist with:

  • Compliance inspections
  • Monthly and quarterly inspections
  • COC certificates
  • Maintenance and maintenance contracts
  • Upgrades
  • New installations
  • Insurance reports
  • Record keeping

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