Hikvision Temperature Screening Solutions

What is temperature screening?

Temperature screening refers to the ability to use thermal video technology in order to accurately screen an individual’s body temperature to ensure the specific person is not running a fever or high temperature and could potentially be a carrier to any form of disease.  (A common example is every Airport has one of theses for passenger screening at customs)


Do I need temperature screening solutions?

With businesses opening it is the responsibility of the company to screen its own staff as well as clients when entering the building or workplace.

How do I know what type of screening solution I need to use?

There are a couple of factors to take into consideration when looking at getting a temperature screening solution.

  • Do you require automated screening? In other words no human manipulation required. (Handheld device or mounted screening solution).
  • Is social distancing required? (From 30cm up to 7m).
  • Is individual screening or group screening required? (Office environment or retail).
  • Is integration with time and attendance needed or access control required?
  • What is the volume of users that needs to be screened?
  • What is your budget?

What can we provide?

Remote Entry Systems can provide temperature screening solutions from Hikvison which will be able to integrate with most access control hardware already installed or we can help to design a new solution from scratch to meet your requirements.

Different types of screening solutions available from Hikvison

Temperature screening with fast deployment

Thermographic turret or bullet camera

  • Blackbody calibrator (Optional)


Thermographic handheld camera

  • Cable free flexible deployment
  • Supports on-spot temperature screening anywhere, anytime


Metal detector door

  • Recommended for building entrances


Temperature screening with access control

Door control (MinMoe terminal)

  • Temp measurement with access control
  • Mask detection and audio broadcast
  • Refuse access if temperature threshold have been triggered


Temperature screening and mask detection

Thermographic camera and DeepinMind NVR

  • Instant visualization of temperature and mask analytics on DeepinMind NVR
  • Skin surface temperature readings
  • Mask detection


Temperature screening with central management

Thermographic bullet camera and HikCentral Proffessional

  • Real-time group temperature screening

 Real time%20group%20temperature%20screening

Visitor Density Monitoring:

This a very new concept and the solution and idea has been around a way of making “Social Distancing” an automated process and not rely on manual intervention this can be achieved with the use of People Counting cameras and a visual display to ensure that any store is not over-crowded and aligning with regulations. 


How do I get it?

As an essential security service provider we are able to install this solution during lock down. Please contact us if you have any queries and or need pricing, or fill in this submission and we will get in contact with you: I am interested, please contact me!


Dahua Thermal Solution helping to prevent spread of COVID-19

Dahua Technology has come up with a solution that quickly measures body temperatures and gives an instant sound and white light flicker alert when an abnormal temperature is detected.

Thus installing this solution at the entrance of your business you can quickly and efficiently detect abnormal body temperatures of workers and or clients.

How it works

The “screening” gets done from a safe distance, up to 3 meters, so no need to involve staff members with this solution.

Dahua Body Temp Measurement Solution

To measure 5000 people with a handheld forehead measuring device will take approximately 4.2 hours, but with the Dahua Thermal camera solution it will only take 30 minutes! With a measuring speed of 3 people per second, you can quickly and safely take action to help spread the COIVD 19 disease.


The setup consists of a thermal camera, a black box to increase the temperature sensitivity, a network video recorder, hard drive and screen.

Dahua TPC BF3221 T 300x199Dahua JQ D70Z 1 300x198

The camera is mounted on a tripod stand, so the whole installation is mobile and can be moved around if needed.

Installation options

There are 2 options to choose from:

Standard solution:

Image resolution 400x300

Temperature measurement accuracy +-0.3%

Economical solution:

Image resolution 256x192

Temperature measurement accuracy +-0.5%


We offer the above options on a monthly payment rental option over a term of 36, 48, or 60 months.

How do I get it?

As an essential security service provider we are able to install this solution during lock down. Please contact us if you have any queries and or need pricing, or fill in this submission and we will get in contact with you: I am interested, please contact me!