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Nice Hansa Wingo

For swing gates with leaves up to 1 m long and 500 kg weight or 3.5 m long and 200 kg weight, surface mounted.

Compatible for operation with Nice Solemyo and Opera systems.
Patented layout of the internal components: fewer moving parts means greater reliabilityand quiet operation.
Easy to install: after the 24 Vdc gear motor has been assembled, all electrical connections are made from above.
User-friendly release with personalised Nice key or standard lock (optional).
Pre-assembled, travel stops PLA13 for closing and opening manoeuvres. Control unit Nice Moonclever MC824H, equipped with BlueBUS technology and provision for operation with Solemyo system:
• simple programming, by means of a single key;
• self-learning of opening and closing limit positions;
• automatic fault diagnostics;
• programming of pause time;
• pedestrian pass door;
• deceleration on opening and closing;
• obstacle detection with dual technology;
• operation in event of power failure by means of rechargeable batteries (PS324); • provision for connection of latest generation resistive sensitive edges.

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