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Nice Hansa Signo

The first electromechanical barrier gate operator complete with built-in flashing light and modular pole.

Equipped with Nice BlueBUS technology. Compatible for operation with Nice Solemyo and Opera systems.
Powerful and fast: electromechanical gear motor 24 Vdc, 100 W with power up to 100 Nm of torque.
Flexible and easy to transport: modular pole in three 1-metre sectionsto adapt length to the specific installationenvironments; including joints and cap.The compact dimensions of packagingfacilitate the transport of X-Bar.
More comfort and safety in programming and maintenance phases: the separateenclosures for electronics and mechanicsprevent internal parts from being subjectto potential hazards.
Built-in control unit, with flashing light to guarantee optimal visibility of the luminous signal.
More safety and reliability: obstacle detection and monitoring of motor absorption during automation movement.
Energy saving: when the system is not used it sets to standby, thereby reducing consumption. Automatic fault diagnostics during operation and consequent information on type via different combinations of flashes. With provision for connection of the latest generation of optical and resistive sensitive edges (with 8.2 KOhm resistance). Rapid and easy access to the control unit located in the upper section of the barrier body.Simple fixture of the photocells onto the specially designed seats on the barrier body.
No black out: operation in the event of a power failure with optional batteries (PS124) housed inside the motor

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