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Nice Hansa Robus 250

For sliding gates weighing up to 250 kg.

Compatible for operation with Nice Solemyo and Opera systems.
Faster, smarter, simpler.
The South African Robus range sets the new standard in sliding gate automation.
Engineered to meet the demands of South African conditions. Designed to exceed all expectations.
Speed: class leading speed thanks to superb mechanical engineeringand uncompromising component quality.
Endurance: Robus redefines intensive use as a standard. Powered directly from the grid, the Robus 250 guarantees no less than 400 operations per day.
Reliability: a genuine battery back-up system guarantees continued operation during power outages. The intelligent chargerand system design ensures battery longevity.
Intelligence: the smart controller offers:
• 8 programming levels and self-diagnosis;
• a master/slave selection automatically
synchronizes two motors;
• up to 7 pairs of safety beams can be added
using only 2 wires, thanks to the Nice BlueBUS
• temperature sensor to automatically
adapt to climatic conditions.
Durability: base and release in pressure die cast aluminium and epoxy paint finish.
Silence: gear motor on bearings ensures silent operation.
Simplicity: compatible with the Nice Opera system, connect to the hand held O-Viewprogrammer for a simple and easy to useinterface. You don’t’ have to be on your kneesto program a Robus!
Compatible: with Nice Solemyo solar power kit. Just plug it in to harnessthe power of the sun and enjoy a cable freeinstallation!

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