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Electronic Locks

Electronic Locks, Magnetic Locks, Striker Locks, Digital Locks, Fingerprint Locks

We use different locks for different applications and we will advise as to the best lock for your application. From plain access control with a striker lock to high security with a electrica lock.

Cylinder Electronic Rim Locks

Technical features:

  Dead-locking latch
 12 V ac CE
 Current absorption 2,5 A
Supplied as standard:
 Instruction sheet

CISA Electric Striker Lock

Not good for security, used for access control. Striker can be surfaced mounted or concealed. It is used either with a night latch or a concealed latch.

CISA Slimline Lock

Used for steel gates. The body of the lock is concealed inside the tubing of the gate.

Bolt Action Lock

Used for aluminium doors. Body of lock is concealed inside the frame of the door. It can also be surfaced mounted in special housing. Can also be used for other applications.

Mortice Lock For Aluminium Doors

Concealed in door frame.

Mortice Lock For Wooden Doors

Concealed in door frame. Comes in silver or bronze finish.

Magnetic Locks

Surface mounted. Comes in various sizes.150kg to 600kg holding force.

Motorised Rim Lock

Works with a small motor and not a solonoid. Deadbolt action only.

Manual Digital Lock

Works by entering code on a keypad.

Biometric Fingerprint Lock

Access is controlled by a fingerprint scanner.

Centurion Armada Gate Lock

The ARMADA Electric Gate Lock as been developed for both swing and sliding gates and interfaces seamlessly with the gate motor system, unlocking the moment the gate starts to open and locking securely when it closes again. It incorporates a key-operated barrel lock allowing for convenient manual override.

Main features

Robust, stainless steel construction for all weather and coastal installations
Designed for both motorized and manually operated gates
Activates by using your existing remote control