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Keying Arrangements

Special Keying Arrangements

Keying arrangements are designed to meet the requirements of persons in charge of security within complex installations such as universities, hospitals hotels etc.

Keying arrangements are used both for new buildings and refurbishments. Extensions are possible provided provision for this has been requested in the initial planning stage.

Keying arrangements are possible over a wide range of different cylinders.

Installations requiring very large numbers of combinations or very complex keying arrangements can be created for by the use of integrated key sections, whereby combinations are obtained not only by pinning but also by the use of unique key broachings.

Keying arrangements

Keyed alike installations

In keyed alike installations all the cylinders are operated by the same key.

Common entrance or central locking installations

Comon entrance installations are designed to enable a tenant to use the same key for his own private doors as well as doors common to other residents within the same buildings.
The common entrance feuture can be incorporated within any master key installation.

Master key installations

In master key installations, a group of cylinders, each of equipped with an individual key, is also operated by one special key known as the master key.

Grand master key installations

Grand master key installations are used when it is necessary to have more than one master key group within the same building complex.

Great grand master key installations

Great grand master key installations are used when it is neccessary to have more than one grand master key group within the same building complex.
In these instances all cylinders, irrespective of their master key or grand master key group, are controlled by one key known as the great grand master key.

Lockout master key system

When a master key is lost or stolen the ockout master ky installation enables the owner to operate all cylinders belonging to a system with the lockout master key thereby locking out the original master key.
Tennant keys are not affected.
The security of the installation is not compromised and expensive re-keying of all cylinders is avoided.