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Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing Products And Services

We do all types of fencing, wall top, palisade top and free standing. Different energizers are used depending on the size of the installation. We use Nemtek energizers that are locally manufactured and parts are readily available.

Electric Fencing

Nemtek Druid 13, 15 with LCD

The Druid 13 and 15 offer 3.0 J and 4.6 J output energy and even though they belong to the Druid 2 range, these products offer many more benefits.

Using the Adaptive Power Technology (APT), pioneered and patented by Nemtek, these two energizers offer a new and unique method in detecting how much power a fence can accept and handle before it starts to arc and waste energy, thus maximising the power on the fence.

Nemtek Druid 18 with LCD

The Druid 18 LCD is a powerful version of the Druid 15 LCD, boasting 7.2 output Joules into 500 ohm load. This intelligent unit is the ideal choice for large series security fencing systems. It will maintain a high voltage on the fence by using Nemtek's Adapture Power Technology (APT ). APT will modify the pulse to maximise fence power into the fence by actively testing the fence. Fence characteristics are not always stable and change with time, weather and vegetation.


Nemtek Druid 114 with LCD

The Druid 114 LCD has a revolutionary design which brings together the security features and the game and animal requirements. It is the ideal choice for long parrallel fencing systems which require monitoring. APT allows the Druid 114 LCD to deliver its energy where larger units fail.

The fence characteristics change over time as the fence ages and are not stable due to weather and vegatation. APT technology will modify the energizer's output characteristics to maximise the power transfer.

Nemtek Merlin Stealth

The Nemtek Merlin Stealth is a powerful range of energizers, that can be used as simple high end security energizers, but can also be programmed to offer a customised solution. The Merlin Stealth range is ideal for higher security requirements and can be networked if required. There are:

Single zoned energizers, the M15S, M18S, and the M113S which are ideal for game and animal control

Nemtek Keypad

The Nemtek range of energizers can be controlled using a keypad. The five types of keypads available are:

Druid 13 and 15 keypad

Merlin 4 keypad