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CISA Prestige Inox

ACCURATE DESIGN AND AESTHETICS • A modern and simple design, result of accurate research work,
makes “CISA PRESTIGE INOX” suitable for any environment.

RELIABILITY • “CISA PRESTIGE INOX” is a top product in terms of reliability, qua-
lity of materials and accurate operation mechanisms. • “CISA PRESTIGE INOX” guarantees high performance levels and a
much longer life than provided for in the highest level of the standards (200,000 max cycles).

EASY TO INSTALL • Special design features make “CISA PRESTIGE INOX” easy and
quick to install on wooden, steel or aluminium doors. “CISA PRESTIGE INOX” is suitable for replacing the existing CISA “No Problem” and 59300 series.
CORROSION RESISTANCE • The STAINLESS steel used for manufacturing CISA PRESTIGE series,
guarantees high resistance to corrosion.

MODULARITY • “CISA PRESTIGE INOX” can be used together with upper/lower or
lateral additional locking devices, for single or double leaf doors, rebated doors and swinging doors, and with outside operation units.

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