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CISA Door Closers

ACCURATE DESIGN • The accurate design and the many finishes available, make
the CISA Professional door closer series, easily match all kinds of environment.

VERSATILITY • CISA  door closers series Professional Multistrength are manu-
factured in two sizes, and can be set to operate with 5 different closing strengths.
• With just one door closer, the most adequate closing strength (EN 2-3-4 or EN 4-5-6) can be set by simply adjusting the position of the arm.

EASY TO INSTALL • One template is sufficient to install the door closer and set the
appropriate closing strength. The fixing holes are similar to those for the series 605 which means that the replacement of an old door closer is simple and fast.
RELIABILITY • The quality of the mateials used and the high technology
applied for their manufacture, make CISA door closers series Professional, reliable and long-lasting.
• Durability: over 500,000 opening cycles, in compliance with the  UNI EN 1154 standard.

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